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Household Cleaning

House cleaning is done on a regular scheduled basis with a minimum every other week. This ensures we keep your home in tip top shape. We work in teams of 2 addressing the kitchen and bathrooms in depth to keep those areas sanitized. Dusting flat surfaces and baseboards is our next area of focus and finally we vacuum and wash the floors. We also offer construction cleaning, one time spring cleanings and window cleaning.

Home Cleaning Checklist



  • shower walls, top ledge and bottom
  • showers doors (should be free of any water marks or soap scum)
  • shower fixtures
  • vanity/sink fixtures (focus on buildup and then polish, use magic eraser as needed)
  • mirrors
  • lights/sconces dusted
  • toilet in/out, including seat and base
  • bathroom vent brushed out with broom/ duster
  • baseboards (including heat registers)
  • faces of cabinets
  • dusting of towel racks and replace towels neatly
  • vacuum/wash floor
  • cobwebs in corners


  • counter tops (move items out and put back after cleaning)
  • sinks wiped out with all coffee staining removed, food debris
  • fixtures wiped down and polished
  • faces of cabinets
  • small appliances for example coffee makers, can openers, toasters, etc
  • stove top (remove grates as needed)
  • front of oven
  • oven hood (top)
  • in/out of microwave
  • front, sides and top of refrigerator if space is available
  • general dusting for example window sills, ledges, baseboards, decorative cabinetry)
  • vacuum/wash floor

Living room

  • flat surfaces dusted (clutter free) including window sills, table tops, molding
  • wall sconces dusted
  • cobwebs in corners
  • vacuum/wash floors
  • baseboards
  • mirrors
  • any items on floor pushed to side neatly (i.e. toys etc)

Dinning room

  • table and chairs wiped down
  • baseboards
  • flat surfaces (clutter free)
  • outside of hutch

Other Areas (Mud rooms, sun porches, hallways)

  • horizontal surfaces
  • baseboards
  • any obvious fingerprints on doors and walls
  • glass doors (entry and exit, interior French doors
  • ceiling fans
  • dust top door frames and window frames with Swiffer